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Front and center in the photo here is Lauren Thompson, whom SI on Campus featured as its cheerleader of the week.  And while her gallery proves that she is precisely what any non-porn star ASU cheerleader should be, sometimes it's best not to engage them in conversation

2. My favorite class is: Class is class to me, they are kind of all the same.

4. Music I can't live without: Tim McGraw, Taylor Swift, Jacks Mannequin, Neyo, Keith Urban.

20. Describe the worst date you ever went on: No bad dates yet unfortunately!

What?  She's looking for bad dates?!?!?  Honey, you've come to the right place.  With Leather readers can give you everything from casual stalking to a mysterious disappearance that the police never solve.  You ever see The Cell?  That guy's a commenter here.

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