At Least It’s Competitive: Sports At The Country Music Awards

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11.10.11 8 Comments


Last night’s 45th Annual Country Music Association Awards featured a lot of the usual suspects — Taylor Swift crying about winning an award she expected to win, a touching tribute to Texas Ranger La Boeuf and Darius Rucker turning “and the Blowfish” into a full-blown country music career — but the best parts were when sports guys showed up, because I haven’t gone lifestyle yet and can’t write about The Zac Brown Band on my sports blog.
Erin Andrews usually shows up at these things and is worth a slideshow by herself, but thankfully 2011’s sports content was bolstered by an appearance by Hank Williams Jr., hot off his summer of evoking Godwin’s Law, apologizing-for-things-but-not-really and rerecording songs to make them be about how much he hates ESPN. He appeared and made a few jokes about himself that never turned him into the bad guy, and the Reba-filled audience responded like you’d imagine.
Oh, and David Freese was there, but nobody knew who he was. I thought he was Prince Fielder for like, five minutes.
Anyway, please click through to enjoy Erin Andrews, Hank Jr.’s parody of a parody of a parody and additional Erin Andrews.

Leave it to country music to give a teary-eyed standing ovation to the drunk guy who called our black president Hitler.
(And leave it to Terry Bradshaw to smile and clap his hands like that.)

Erin Andrews and the Little Pink Dress Of Doom.

Erin meets the Hank Williams Jr. of a newer, less-confrontational generation, Faith Hill. Still not sure why Faith thinks blowdrying her hair straight back is a good look, but what do I know, I’m not a beautiful millionaire.
Erin with World Series Champion and St. Louis Cardinals MVP David Freese and yes, it’s safe to assume he nailed her.
Erin and Mr. Freese presenting an award that would eventually go to Jason Aldean.

“Uh, hi, I play baseball, but none of you are listening to me.”

A great time was had by all!

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