‘Athlete Objects’ Combines Our Love Of Puns, Cartoons And Athletes

One of the first classes that we should teach children in middle school is how to properly use search engines on the Internet. This goes not only for your basics like Google and Bing, but also for social media sites, because holy crap there are some really messed up people on Tumblr. The moral of this random opening is that sometimes searching “Food” will bring you to bisexual cyborgs flinging pudding at naked old people and sometimes it will bring you to someone’s creative artwork. Fortunately, we’re dealing with the latter today.
Falling into our long history of appreciation for zany sports fan art, I recently discovered designer Jesse Hora’s simply-but-aptly-titled “Athlete Objects”, which depicts some of our favorite professional athletes (mostly NBA players) as everyday items that represent their names. Again, even more than I love fan art, I love simple fan art, and with respect to Nancy Grace Monster Jams and the National Foodball League, Hora’s work may be my new favorite.

The banner image is Hora’s depiction of LeBron James that he created for ESPN Playbook, with the following description:

Crown: Nicknamed ‘King James’.
Ring: He finally got 1 (of 2, 3, 4, 5, 6…).
Sweatband: That thing sure does keep getting higher and higher.
Tattoos: Lots of them; the decision, the celebration, the disappointment, his Mom and home state (I didn’t forget Cleveland).
Sweat Wipe & ‘Pheew’: Sigh of relief for finally getting a title.
Cloud: For his signature pre-game powder ritual.

Hora has also done some work for Adidas and Sims Snowboards and it’s all basically fantastic, but nothing wins me over better than a picture of Larry Bird as a giant middle finger, so this is probably my favorite thing on the Internet this week.