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Yesterday we learned that Penn State's point guard is wanted by police for masturbating in the school's library; today it's news that a UMass football player — a recent transfer from Penn State, by the way — who took his solo act public.  Spencer Ridenhour, a junior defensive back, was arrested for open and gross lewdness for an incident near Smith College, the famed women's school.

[T]he woman claimed she approached the man because she thought he needed assistance, and that he exposed himself before driving away.  UMass police apprehended Ridenhour Thursday afternoon following information given in a report from another young woman who claimed she saw a male driver masturbate while driving by her at a PVTA bus stop on Orchard Hill Drive.

"She got a very good description of him, and the model and make of the car," UMass Deputy Police Chief Patrick Archbald told the Daily Hampshire Gazette. "He was masturbating while driving. I imagine he was driving very slowly."

Somebody promote that guy.

Ridenhour… is also facing charges stemming from another incident earlier the same day. In the first, a Smith student reported being assaulted by an unidentified male who allegedly grabbed her buttocks in the quadrangle off of Paradise Street.

An all-girls school where you can go around, grab buttocks, and masturbate while women jog past?  Paradise Street, indeed.

(Thanks to super-smart dolphin Freddy McBubbles for the tip) 

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