An Atlanta Braves Fan Got To Second Base During Last Night’s Game

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09.25.13 8 Comments

Atlanta Braves boob fondle

It looks like the Atlanta Braves are going all-in on being baseball’s most sexually-concerning team.

Yesterday, the Braves got a playoff anthem — a parody of Robin Thicke’s ‘Blurred Lines,’ a song about a guy who just says creepy things to a woman over and over until she has sex with him. Then, as if inspired by the spirit of Twerking Beetlejuice himself, a bro-tastic Braves fan was caught on camera massaging a lady’s boobs … while she was wearing a black and white striped shirt. See how this is all coming together?

Here’s the clip:

My favorite part (besides the PDA) is the video-side commentary, which was apparently recorded by Lumpy Space Princess and Beavis.


Anyway, we’re a playoff win away from Fredi González pulling out his junk and twerking on the ump already, we don’t need fans getting involved. I know how strongly a man in a backwards hat feels about love, but let’s keep the PG-13 stuff in the front seat of a Wal-Mart parking lot, okay?

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