Braves First Baseman Freddie Freeman Cannot Stop Barfing

freddie freeman
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Freddie Freeman is a really good baseball player on a really crappy baseball team. While he hasn’t been outstanding this season by his lofty standards, he’s still one of the best players on maybe the worst team in all of baseball.

This is probably kinda tough for Freeman, who at his best is one of the premier first basemen in all of baseball. Apparently, it’s so tough that it’s making him sick. Freeman told that he’s been in a really bad place in the last few days, so much so that he’s barfing a lot.

As Freddie Freeman stood in front of his locker following Monday night’s 7-2 loss to the Padres, his weakened voice provided clear proof that he wasn’t feeling well and it didn’t necessarily have anything to do with the fact that he is the only Braves player who has been around for the entirety of an 11-game losing streak at Petco Park.

“I don’t know what it is,” Freeman said. “I threw up about six times today and threw up once yesterday. That’s no excuse, but I just wasn’t feeling good.”

“I feel good enough to play,” Freeman said. “It would be hard to take me out of the lineup. I threw up six times today and still went out there and tried to give it what I got. Obviously it wasn’t very good.”

Barfing is bad enough, but barfing seven times in two days is brutal. The amazing thing is that he still went out and played nine innings despite his stomach being in knots. While he went 0-for-4 with three strikeouts, it’s still really impressive that he was able to stand up and focus on work at all. Those of us who take sick days the second we feel our tummies getting upset salute you, Freddie.