The Falcons Are Making It Much Cheaper For Fans To Eat And Drink In Their New Stadium

05.16.16 3 years ago

Not only will Atlanta Falcons fans get to watch their team play its home games at a brand new stadium starting in 2017, but that stadium will also have some of the cheapest concession prices in the entire league. Like, shockingly cheap… at least for a professional sports venue.

During a press conference at the new Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, team owner Arthur Blank announced the pricing structure for food and drink at the stadium, and fans should be very excited — especially those heading to games with the family in tow. Just look at how reasonable these prices are!

$2 – Non-alcoholic beverage products with unlimited free refills (at freestanding refill stations)
$2 – Dasani bottled water; hot dogs; pretzels; popcorn
$3 – Peanuts; pizza; nachos; waffle fries
$5 – 12 oz. domestic beer

Assuming there are no tricks involved with sizing or inflated prices elsewhere, that menu is one hell of a deal. Those prices will also remain the same for hosted events such as bowl games, college basketball, concerts, etc.

Here’s a serious question: If you went to the game with a $100 bill for food and drink exclusively, could you consume every penny’s worth? And keep it down? That probably wouldn’t be much of a challenge in many other stadiums — three or four beers would get you almost halfway there — but that seems like it would be a tough hill to climb at Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

On that note, it’ll be very interesting to see how the $5 beer affects the home crowds. Blank better make sure his front office fields a good team in 2017 or his beautiful new stadium could come crumbling to the ground at the hands of blackout Falcons fans.

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