The Falcons Lost In The Most Heartbreaking Fashion On An Intercepted Two-Point Conversion

Associate Editor

Kansas City and Atlanta played a wild, back-and-forth game on Sunday afternoon. The Chiefs ended up winning, 29-28, thanks to an insane final scoring play in which Eric Berry picked off Matt Ryan and returned it the length of the field on a 2-point conversion attempt.

The Falcons scored with 4:32 left to go ahead 28-27. Instead of taking the PAT to go up by two, the team decided to attempt a conversion, which was smart. Ryan thought he had a receiver, but Berry was right there to pick him off. Berry sprinted down the field and made it into the end zone untouched to give Kansas City two points.

It was an awesome moment for Berry, a native of Georgia who was playing in his home state for the first time since beating Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Berry had a pick-6 earlier in the game, and after he scored, he gave the ball to his mom.

Between the pick-6, the “pick-2,” and the win, this was the best possible homecoming for Berry.

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