The Atlanta Hawks – 1, Darren Rovell – 0

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12.05.13 6 Comments

Fart sniffing Rovell

On any given day, you can follow @NotDarrenRovell for the best in retweeted insults that are being hurled at ESPN’s go-to sports business know-it-all Darren Rovell, but it’s only news when those snappy comebacks and blunt profanity come directly from professional sports franchises. In this case, Rovell showcased his usual snootier-than-thou attitude to his 414,000+ followers in regard to a promotional graphic that the Atlanta Hawks released in honor of Kyle Korver, who is one long distance shot away from breaking the NBA record for consecutive games with a three.

Rovell Hawks Tweet

As the graphic states, Dana Barros’s record of 89 games in a row with at least one three-pointer has stood for 17 years. That’s pretty remarkable, just not to Rovell. Fortunately, the Hawks know how to stick up for themselves.

Hawks Tweet

That link for Rovell’s employer?

ESPN Tweet

Let me see if I have an appropriate GIF response for that… wait, yes, here it is:


Oh come on, we can do better than that, can’t we? This is Darren Rovell, a man who belittled and insulted Playboy Playmates after they didn’t worship him at a Super Bowl Party, that we’re talking about…

Dobby FU

Yeah, there it is. But at least Rovell doubles down on his condescending shittery like no one else.

(Original banner via, Rovell’s fancy hat via CNBC)

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