Falcons Fans Can Get Even More Drunk For The Super Bowl Thanks To The Mayor

02.03.17 2 years ago

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The Atlanta Falcons are in the Super Bowl and the people of Atlanta are very excited about it. It’s the first Super Bowl appearance since 1998, so there are plenty of Atlantans that weren’t old enough to properly celebrate a Super Bowl trip the first time around, and are now of age and want to consume many adult beverages on Sunday.

Drinking on Sunday in Atlanta isn’t the easiest of tasks. Places don’t serve alcohol until 12:30 p.m. and most bars close at midnight, per city ordinance. Mayor Kasim Reed understands the plight of the drinking Falcons fan, and signed an executive order that will allow Atlanta’s bars to stay open and serve alcohol until 2:30 a.m..

“Whereas, the Mayor, in celebration of the Atlanta Falcons NFC Championship win; and in recognition of the desire of the citizens of and visitors to the City of Atlanta to celebrate the Falcons participation in Super Bowl LI, hereby suspends enforcement of the current allowable hours of operation at certain locations licensed for the sale of alcohol for on premises consumption on Super Bowl Sunday so as to accommodate the festive nature of this day” reads the executive order, as provided by Eater.

Executive orders are a hot topic of debate in 2017, but this is one that is almost entirely well received by Atlantans. Mayor Reed has ensured that win or lose, Falcons fans will be able to either celebrate a Super Bowl victory or drown their sorrows from a loss deep into the night.

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