Falcons Safety Keanu Neal’s Dislocated Finger May Make You Sick To Your Stomach

Atlanta Falcons safety Keanu Neal was one of the latest NFL players to fall prey to finger issues, in this case a grotesquely dislocated ring finger on his left hand. Thankfully because he’s not a quarterback, Neal was able to stay in the game and keep making hits.

The injury came in the third quarter of Atlanta’s game against the lowly 49ers, so you would imagine the Falcons can deal without him for the rest of the game while he gets that fixed up. But nope, the rookie decided to show his toughness by playing with the injury and Atlanta fans are more than appreciative.

The safety from the University of Florida was the Falcons’ first round pick at #17 in this year’s draft, and he’s shown an incredible ability to adjust to the speed of the pro game and an ability to knock the ball loose, causing four fumbles so far this season and recovering one today. With ten tackles on the stat sheet too, it’s a good beat that Neal is really going to earn some veteran respect from his teammates after this game.

It’s just too bad he’s a safety, because we’re betting he won’t be making any interceptions with that hand anytime soon.