Attention Serious Journalists: Do Not Tebow During Your Hurricane Isaac Report

Pro Wrestling Editor

I am well aware that blogging on a sports comedy site does not make me a “journalist” or a “reporter”, and sure, 90% of my day is collecting cheesy wrestler photos until I can run downstairs and watch movies, but Jesus Christ, even my highest-of-the-low-quality-writers no-worth-ethic-having ass would not use my internationally-broadcast Weather Channel report on Hurricane Isaac as an excuse to “Tebow”.

This is Weather Channel expert and “fitness nut” Jim Cantore Tebowing in the middle of Hurricane Isaac. I think the worst part is his “uhhh these winds are really powerful and it’s GETTIN’ HARD TO STAND” thing before it. He should’ve started off the report planking facedown in the street.

In case you’ve got a kinder heart than mine and you’re thinking, “maybe he really couldn’t stand up”, here’s a second clip of him doing push-ups.

New career goal, everybody: get a job at the Weather Channel, where standing in rain and saying “IT IS RAINING” into a microphone makes you a “weather expert”, then work every meme I can remember into my broadcast. Who wouldn’t want to hear Antoine Dodson tell the people of New Orleans to hide their kids, hide their wives and hide their husbands “’cause they hurricanin’ errbody out here”?

[h/t Bob’s Blitz]

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