Cringe As You Watch These Auburn Fans Kill The Dab Forever

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R.I.P. to the Dab 😂

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The “dab” has its origins in southern hip hop and came into the mainstream thanks to Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton and a few others along the way. The true originators of the dance might be a debate to be had, with several getting credit along the way, but we now know where the dance officially died.

The clip above comes from Saturday’s Clemson / Auburn game and it shows a group of fans furiously murdering the dab while celebrating for the ESPN cameras. It’s almost like a drop of blood hit the water and the sharks fell into a frenzy, only this time the blood is college football and the frenzy is a televised embarrassment.

A dance move hasn’t been murdered in this manner since the Macarena swept across the nation in 1995 and ended up being strangled by Al Gore at the Democratic National Convention. Although, don’t think we wouldn’t be pleased if this became a thing that silly college football fans did all season. Extend that to professional football too because there’s nothing like seeing a very large, shirtless man stuff his face into his elbow without shame in the middle of a national audience. It’s also the type of silly thing you’d see in order to troll an opposing player like Cam Newton, so please make it happen. It doesn’t work. but it is fun to see.

(Via House of Highlights / ESPN)