Aussie Rules Football's Really Sh*tty Weekend

09.27.10 7 years ago 4 Comments

One of the more under-appreciated leagues in the world of sport is Australia’s AFL. Aussie Rules Football is that sport where the players square off on a rugby pitch wearing basketball shirts and running shorts and dribble and kick an inflated spheroid downfield and through a series of goalposts. It’s like they stole something from every other sport and just decided to beat each other down in the process. The only way it could be more awesome was if the ball was Justin Bieber’s head.

Anyway, that league had their championship on Saturday between Collingwood and St Kilda. The “grand final” of footy went through regulation play to a 68-68 tie. So did they have a shootout? Sudden death? Three-hole playoff [Please go back to your seat, Mrs. Mancini…]? Nope, they’re going to play the whole thing over again. Seriously.

Naturally, some people are taking umbrage with the fact that a sellout crowd went to watch a game that, in retrospect, will mean absolutely nothing.

The argument that the replay now opens up grand final access to fans that otherwise wouldn’t have made it ignorantly forget those who went last Saturday (and may miss this Saturday ‘cause the 50-1 draw came to fruition) and the fact that those “underprivileged” fans miss out on the original grand final year after year.

Having gone through the hassle and effort to acquire grand final tickets a few years ago, I can only imagine the frustration of not seeing a result on the day and trudging back to South Australia knowing I would have to fork out another small fortune on hotels, flights and tickets to go back and see the concluding act. –Adrian Musolino/The Roar [AU].

Oh, and then there was this poor bastard who was in a port-a-john when some fans tipped it over. The report said that he “was also left with waste from the toilet covering his clothes.” I thought penalty boxes were just for hockey and sex slaves. I really need to get out more.

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