Austin's KXAN Ruined Hockey For Everyone

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06.20.13 5 Comments
KXAN hockey

“If you don’t see the end of the hockey game … we’re just gon’ GIVE it to ya.”

If you were watching Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Finals from anywhere outside of central Texas, you saw Brent Seabrook score a game-winning goal for the Chicago Blackhawks in sudden death overtime. If you love the Blackhawks or just appreciate amazing hockey, it’s the kind of memory you’ll keep with you for a lifetime.

If you were watching the game in central Texas, you found out that Capitol Kia offers the best Kia deals in Austin. You also got to meet the KXAN news team. You started to hear an important message about Texas veterans, and then WHOOPS LET’S CUT BACK TO THE GAME-WINNING OVERTIME GOAL SEVERAL MOMENTS AFTER IT HAS OCCURRED. SORRY, ANYBODY WHO SPENT THE LAST 70 MINUTES WATCHING HOCKEY.

Yeah, Austin’s KXAN cut to commercial in the middle of play. For a Kia commercial. Here, watch it for yourself.

Nicely done, KXAN.

Their apology is equally hilarious, and features the phrase “Things happen. Sorry ’bout it.”

“sorry ’bout that, I guess. you can watch sudden death overtime in game 4 of the stanley cup playoffs anytime though, so hey let me tell you about this upcoming community event”

Next year let’s put the Stanley Cup Finals on YNN and see if they jump to Weather On The Eights in the middle of a shot.

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