Baby Angers Tennis Player With Crying

04.01.11 7 years ago

Who wins in a matchup between a whiny baby and a whiny tennis player? The answer isn’t “America.” Actually, that’s not entirely true. Spaniard David Ferrer complained about hearing the cries of a baby in the stands during his quarterfinal match against Marty Fish, who happens to be American.

Trailing in his match and annoyed by the crying, Ferrer directed a forehand lob toward the infant after losing his serve midway through the second set Wednesday.

The ball didn’t come close to the youngster when it landed in the stands, but the crying stopped.

“It was in one moment of the match, but nothing special,” Ferrer said. “It was not the problem.”

Instead, the Spaniard blamed a case of indigestion. He lost to American Mardy Fish, 7-5, 6-2.


I’m not of fan of tennis players and all that silence that they seem to require before hitting a ball with a gigantic racket, but who brings an infant to a tennis match? Honestly. Get a babysitter or watch the match at home. Or, as I like to do after getting my Uproxx check in the mail, both.

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