Baby Giraffe Meets Baby Giraffe

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09.02.11 3 Comments

Yesterday we were able to share two giraffe-related sports stories, one involving Dwight Howard dunking on a giraffe in the middle of Tokyo, one involving San Francisco Giants outfielder Brandon “Baby Giraffe” Belt having an actual baby giraffe named after him. I can’t offer you a follow-up on the first story (as “Dwight Howard went to Japan and dunked on a basketball goal made out of life-sized stuffed giraffe” can’t really go anywhere else), but the second story has tons of adorable follow-up, all of which I am going to share with you right now.

Yesterday, Brandon the Baby Giraffe took a trip to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom to pet and hang out with Brandon the Actual Baby Giraffe and shared the pictures of the meet-up on his blog. I advise you to head over and look at all of them, because oh man, you do not know how hard it is to pick baby giraffe photos for a blog header.

For maximum cute overload, watch the video below. Mama Giraffe makes an appearance, and I think I speak for everyone when I say holy sh*t, giraffes.

I think the best part of being a professional baseball player has got to be the ability to wear your jersey over a long-sleeved dress shirt. Also, getting a derisive nickname and parlaying that into safari adventures. Let’s get Pablo Sandoval into a den of baby pandas ASAP.

[via The Veteran And The Rook]

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