Baby McKayla Maroney Was Still Not Impressed

Around this time last year, then-16-year old U.S. gymnast McKayla Maroney was working overtime to turn a moment of bad sportsmanship into meme legend. She made a crappy face when things didn’t go her way and somehow that got her an acting career, made her a popular Halloween costume for beautiful women and granted her an audience with the President of the United States. We’re a weird people.

The good news is that McKayla has always been that way, as this ancient video of Maroney as a small child taken in … ughhhh 2004? reveals. Baby McKayla Maroney was also not impressed. Spoiler alert, I’m making the McKayla Is Not Impressed face at my computer screen right now because celebrities were babies in 2004.


Maybe something’s just wrong with her face?

This is a real treasure of Vine, and I appreciate McKayla uploading it. Everyone who achieves meme fame should have to prove that they’ve always just been that way, and weren’t doing something stupid to gain Internet notoriety. Like, where’s the VHS tape of Antoine Dodson telling his friends to hide their toys?

[h/t to Bill Hanstock]