Baby Shark Is All Grows Up

07.01.10 8 years ago 8 Comments

This has made a couple laps around the eBays, but we don’t do many fishing posts, so here you go. I don’t really get fishing, but it’s probably because my dad beat me as a child. The idea of going out into the sea and asserting dominance over animals that don’t even have lungs just seems a bit silly to me. You want to impress me? Get in the water with a knife and give that fish a fair fight. At least you don’t have to wear camo.

Anyway, these guys caught a baby shark, which is like a real shark, only it monopolizes all its mother’s time and makes Father Shark all grumpy and bitter because that’s time that he can’t beat her around. Dude is trying to pull the hook out of the shark’s mouth, and since we’re posting this, obviously something magical happens. And I don’t get the catch and release thing, either. Is our ecosystem gonna run out of sharks?

The fun starts after the jump. This video may contain a guy screaming like a little girl. Thanks, Gorman.

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