This Twisting Flip Into A Guard Pass Is One Of The Craziest MMA Maneuvers Ever

Everyone loves a crazy mixed martial arts knockout, but how about showing some love for some outside-the-box ground-game transitions? The title doesn’t roll off the tongue like “KO” does, but who cares when the transition is so buttery smooth? Watch Dzhihad Yunusov as he pulls off a guard pass flip to end up in side control against opponent Konstantin Veselkin at a recent event by Russian promotion Akhmat.

Getting anywhere useful when your opponent is on their back like this is pretty hard … that’s why 90 percent of the time a ref has to step in and stand things back up. But Yunusov doesn’t hesitate and jumps right over his opponent’s legs. It wasn’t the only unorthodox move of the fight from him … he ended up finishing Veselkin off with an Ezekiel choke, which is when you basically crush your opponent’s neck between your forearms.

It’s pretty rare in no-gi competition … but then again, so is the guard pass flip.

One reason you may not see many flip attempts is if you screw it up, you look pretty foolish…

For the less dexterous, there’s always Mark Hunt’s atomic butt drop…

You can watch the full fight between Dzhihad Yunusov and Konstantin Veselki right here:

(Via Caposa)