Bad News: Some Ladies Stole Hulk Hogan's Shoe. Worse News: It Was Going To Be Auctioned For Charity.

Now that TMZ has the hottest news pipeline in the wrestling business being pumped right into its office, you might have heard that someone recently walked out of the Hogan’s Beach Shop gift store in Clearwater, Florida with something that didn’t belong to her. Described as a heavyset middle-aged woman, the suspect is believed to have been a part of a group of women who visited the wrestling-themed “breastaurant” and helped pull off the heist that netted them a used wrestling shoe, autographed by Hulk Hogan.

By itself, this is nothing more than a story for the Clearwater Police Department to handle, but now that the restaurant’s manager has come forward with a few more details that are rather convenient in raising public interest, it a seems like these women should be hunted down and handled accordingly. It turns out that not only was that shoe rather valuable, but it was also about to be auctioned off to benefit a local charity for amputees. WHATCHA GONNA DO, STICKY-FINGERED MIDDLE-AGED WOMEN, WHEN HULKAMANIA AND PUBLIC DEMAND FOR JUSTICE RUNS WILD OVER YOU?

Sorry, my caps lock key got stuck.

“It’s one of those things we were going to hold onto as a piece for people to look at and then promote it to sell it, to give a portion to (Steve Chamberland’s) 50 Legs,” Howard told 10 News.

On Thursday, Clearwater Police also released a new photo of the thief. She is described as a woman in her 50’s and possibly from Michigan.

“To us, it’s heartbreaking,” Howard added.

The shoe, valued at $5,500 was worn by Hogan during work-outs in the 1990’s. Howard said it was made by Steve Cardillo, who also made several of Hogan’s wrestling belts. (Via WTSP)

In case you’re suddenly feeling vigilant, here is what the 50-something, possibly-from-Michigan woman looks like:

Now get out there and find her, Hulkamaniacs! The reward is half off jalapeno poppers. (Disclaimer: The poppers will probably be full price.)