04.21.09 9 years ago 9 Comments

I’m getting rather GD tired (GD = God damn) of this Greg Paulus non-story story. This story is a Joaquin Phoenix-esque load–which reminds me a lot of this guy–and I can’t believe anybody thinks that arguably the most effeminate player in college basketball is going to wind up playing quarterback somewhere, be it the NFL or NCAA. NAIA possibly, but that’s like glorified high school anyway.

But he got a tryout with the Packers, yo. No, he got a workout with the Packers. Do the Packers REALLY NEED another inexperienced quarterback after Aaron Rodgers, Matt Flynn and Brian Brohm? And how is a little sissy like Paulus have a snowball’s chance at running the spread option at Michigan? And lo and behold, they’re no longer interested.

But now Paulus wants to investigate Syracuse. Granted, that’s a smart play on his part, visiting a BCS school with a first-year head coach and a need to make some headlines any way it can. But that situation doesn’t change the fact that (a) NCAA teams’ spring practice sessions are over, (b) Paulus would need an eligibility waiver signed by whatever school would take him, and (c) he’d only be eligible for one season–provided he wasn’t forced to sit out.

The best he can hope for is getting kidnapped by Jon Gruden the night before the draft. Ugh, all of this is making my brain hurt. And I’m just trying to make fun of the guy.

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