Baker Mayfield Dismantled Colin Cowherd’s Implication He’s A Bad Teammate

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Sports talk radio exists to get people riled up about things. Sometimes the subject of said prodding are fans, other times it’s the guests who come onto the show. For example, Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield appeared on Colin Cowherd’s daily yodel-fest in a segment that eventually made its way onto FS1.

In their exchange, Cowherd tries to get Mayfield to admit he’s a bad teammate (or something of that ilk) because he didn’t celebrate a touchdown during Oklahoma’s 31-16 win over Ohio State last season with his teammate. Mayfield threw a pass to Trey Sermon, which was taken into the end zone to put the Sooners up in the fourth quarter, 24-13.

After the score, Mayfield didn’t celebrate with his teammates. He instead ran off to somewhere else. Cowherd tried using that as one of those sports talk radio gotcha moments, but instead, Mayfield proceeded to make the host look really bad.

Mayfield explained he was going to celebrate with Oklahoma’s band and the students who traveled from Norman to Columbus, then let Cowherd have it.

“Did you watch the rest of the game?” Mayfield asked. “You did? So you saw me celebrate with my teammates, like, the three touchdowns before that?

“You pulled the one clip of me running right there to our fans and people who traveled well to that game, first of all, and then you didn’t show the rest of the clip of me going to our sideline,” Mayfield continued.