The Browns Threw A Two-Point Conversion To Baker Mayfield, Who Might Be Magic


Baker Mayfield’s first regular season game in the NFL is going about as well as you can anticipate. After coming into the second quarter of Cleveland’s game against the Jets for the injured Tyrod Taylor, Mayfield orchestrated a drive that ended in a field goal, giving the Browns their first points of the game.

As for ending a drive in a touchdown, that took a while. But towards the end of the third quarter, the Browns offense finally found the end zone, thanks in part to the No. 1 pick in the 2018 NFL Draft. Most notably, Mayfield linked up with Jarvis Landry on an incredible pitch-and-catch. Mayfield put the ball in the one place where Landry could get it, while the receiver made one hell of a grab.

The drive eventually ended with Carlos Hyde plowing his way into the end zone to make the game 14-12. Cleveland went for two and failed, but offsetting penalties gave them one more shot, so Browns offensive coordinator Todd Haley went deep into the playbook and busted out this bad boy.

This is a beautifully designed trick play, as Mayfield pretended to be pointing something out to a lineman, which led to the snap going to Duke Johnson. Landry came around for a reverse, but turned to throw, letting everyone know that Jarvis Landry is apparently a southpaw. By that point, Mayfield had ran into the end zone, and the former Heisman winner was wide open.

Fans of Mayfield from his college days remember a play similar to this during Oklahoma’s loss to Georgia in the Rose Bowl, which led to the Sooners getting six points.

At the time that we’re hitting publish on this post, the Jets are up, 17-14, and the Browns have a shot at winning their first football games since the final weeks of the Obama presidency. While this play won’t be as beloved as Philly Special is among Eagles fans, we’re sure the Cleveland Special will hold a special place in the hearts of Browns fans if they can pull out a win.