Here’s Proof That The Ravens Tipped Off The Colts For Deflategate

Ravens Pats
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Yes, it’s August, and we’re still talking about Deflategate nearly eight months after the incident occurred.

The latest hullabaloo surrounds the release of transcripts from Tom Brady’s testimony with Roger Goodell. It’s several hundred pages long and will likely bore you to death. If you have three hours to kill, by all means, have at it.

In the meantime, let’s look at who started this whole thing. No, not Bob Kravitz or Chris Mortensen or the guy they call the Deflator. It was the Baltimore Ravens. They’re the guilty one, your honor. Ben Volin of the Boston Globe tweeted out these fascinating nuggets of info:

And here’s the Colts GM thanking NFL Senior VP of Football Operations for being a “vigilant steward” of fair play. Is this real life?

If you recall, John Harbaugh vehemently denied any Ravens involvement with this mess. Oops.

Again, yes, this is all very stupid. Also hilarious. The Patriots are so hated around the league that teams (in the same conference) are tipping each other off to their bullsh*t. But they won four Super Bowls and blah, blah, blah.