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<p>Today in important swimming news: 1,010 women donned two-piece swimsuits at Australia's Bondi Beach to <a href=set a Guinness World Record for the world's biggest swimsuit photo shoot.

A blend of 100 paid models [by sponsors Gillette and Cosmopolitan] and many more volunteers — mostly more interested in the free $120 goody bag than the notion of creating history — gathered in the sun.

However, there was widespread confusion between the models and other attendees regarding how many posers were needed. "I think the previous record is about 1000," said 20-year-old Jade in her pink bikini. "No, it's only 400 we need," chimed in her blonde look-alike friend, Kate.

In fact, there was no previous record. In keeping with Guinness protocol, an achievable but challenging goal of 300 babes in bikinis was set to be officially recognised.

And lemme tell you, 300 babes in bikinis is, indeed, both challenging and achievable.  Because I have sex a lot!  YEAH!  High-five!

(Via Mac G's World, which also has video.  NOTE: I was going to lead with this today, but the pics from the news story were infuriatingly small.  So I was like, "Holllllllllld… holllllllld…" then's Hot Clicks came through with a gallery.  YOINK!  Thanks to Mac G, SI, and Getty Images for this very special day. And also to hot Australian chicks in bikinis, who are the real heroes.)

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