Bam Margera Shared The Most Disgusting Thing A ‘Jackass’ Fan Ever Did

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What’s the grossest thing you can remember from the MTV show Jackass? OK, now imagine doing something that grosses those dudes out. And no, I don’t know why you’d want that to happen either.

FHM found an interview where Bam Margera was asked about the grossest thing a fan ever did, and you guys, it’s super gross. Not even Margera knows why this woman asked that he…well…just read the damn block-quote.

“I did one signing where I ate somethin’ with a bunch of tomatoes in it right before. We did the signing and I was sipping on Coronas. I guess I drank too much and I threw up this mix of Corona and tomatoes. Right afterwards this f**king hot chick jumped out of the line and sucked it all up. It wasn’t a Jackass stunt, it was like, I want Bam’s throw up in my body! It was f**king weird. That was the gnarliest thing, and she was cute too and that was more mind boggling. She sucked up my throw up not as a dare, she just did it because she wanted it inside of her.”

There’s an interesting psychology at play when you laugh at the misfortune or pain or others, but it’s something else entirely going on when you choose to inflict that kind of mayhem on yourself. When even Bam Margera thinks it’s going a bit too far, you know it’s pretty messed up.

It’s weird to look back on the MTV properties that spun out of Jackass, which seemed so interesting if you were a teen in the early aughts. There were three seasons of Jackass, then three movies and the spinoffs, including Wildboyz and Viva La Bam.

That’s where people learned to make fun of Don Vito, before he was convicted of sexual assault on a child and later died. Margera did some other weird stuff, and Johnny Knoxville did some movies, and eventually the mantle of embarrassment comedy got passed to things like Tosh.o and so on. Time moves on, even for the perpetually young.

Perhaps pointing out the grossest thing a person famous for gross things can think of is pointless, but it’s certainly a good reminder of all the weird stuff that happened on that show in the not-so-distant past. Of course, Jackass 4 is supposed to come out later this year. As John K. Samson once sang, “I don’t mean to miss the good old days. The good old days were mostly bad.”

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