Let’s Watch President Obama Call To Congratulate The USWNT On Their World Cup Win

The news cycle turns quickly, but you’ll forgive us if we’re not ready to move past the U.S. Women’s World Cup win on Sunday; it was just too good. The USWNT deserves an extended victory lap, and as the biggest recent source of national pride, that includes a chat with the president.

In the phone call, Barack Obama used his usual blend of charmingly awkward humor and sincere, presidential gratitude to greet the champions, although he could have stuck to making duck noises and garnered a similarly star-struck reaction. The president will do that to people. He also invited the team to the White House later in the year (it takes a while to schedule that sort of thing).

The USWNT will have at least one more opportunity to soak up the sun this week, when they’ll have a ticker-tape parade thrown in their honor in New York City on Friday morning. That’s a bigger deal than you may realize — the last time a parade was thrown down the Canyon of Heroes for anyone but the Yankees or Giants was for John Glenn’s shuttle Discovery in 1999, according to the New York Times. The last time a parade was thrown in New York for non-New York athletes was for gold-medal winners after the 1984 Olympics.

(Via White House and the New York Times)