01.20.09 10 years ago 30 Comments

From the littlest blogger to ESPN, everyone in the sports world is trying to take a sports angle on Inauguration Day and Barack Obama’s impending presidency.  And it’s times like this that make me want to slap the shit out of sports fans for their selfish and narrow perspective on the world.  More than usual, that is.

Yes, Obama plays basketball.  Yes, he wants a college football playoff.  Is that really so remarkable?  Is the elimination of the BCS somehow more important to people than refocusing the war on terror to Afghanistan?  Call me a bad fan, but if the president puts sports ahead of the economy, or education, or changing our reliance on fossil fuels, or international affairs, or anything that happens to actually affect our lives in tangible ways, I will be one pissed-off citizen.

I understand the need to write stories relevant to the day’s biggest news (just last week I worked some plane crash jokes into sports stories), but I’d prefer some deference to the issues over trying to shoehorn the frivolity of sports into something momentous, something with real gravity.

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