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You Been Blinded was the first to bring the latest Charles Barkley escapade to our attention. After the Magic finished off the Cavs in Game Six on Saturday, Barkley took an ill-advised poke at TNT producer Tim Kiely on air, coughing into his hand while uttering the P-word, much to the amazement of Reggie Miller and the rest of the team.

Barkley has had fun at Kiely’s expense before, even referring to the longtime-producer as “my big fat obnoxious boss,” according to this USA Today TV column from 2005:

Kiely, lead producer of TNT’s Inside the NBA studio show, has a different take on his role: “The best description of my job would be ‘Charles’ psychologist.’ “[…]

Barkley, saying Kiely is “fine to work for and work with,” confirms the language guidelines: “All he says is, ‘Don’t curse.’ That’s the extent of his expertise.”

I think expecting Charles to remember anything for four years is a little unfair. Watch Chuck in action in a somewhat over-edited clip after the jump.

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