10.31.06 11 years ago 11 Comments

For those of you arriving from the colossal gay train wreck of Deadspin today, welcome. Stay tuned for dick jokes and some actual sports news.

Like this: Jeff Borris, Barry Bonds's agent, believes that thirty teams will be interested in signing his client this winter. Thirty Major League Baseball teams, that is — the number is actually much higher if you count the teams in the Federation of Colossal Assholes.

"When you analyze the economics and demographics that Barry might mean to a franchise, I believe all 30 teams would be interested in him based on the revenue he could bring to the franchise."

An insider reports that Bonds is looking for $14 million a year wherever he goes.

Wow, $14 million to play 120 games and hit as many as 22 home runs? That's almost Clemensesque. What team wouldn't want to add him to their lineup? Plus you get the added bonus of his veteran leadership, which I've heard is a combination of Ty Cobb with syphilis and Shannen Doherty.

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