07.26.07 11 years ago 53 Comments

As reported by everyone on the planet, lovable Giants slugger Barry Bonds took on noted media asshole Bob Costas and put the dimwitted reporter in his place.

To recap, Costas interviewed Curt Schilling and a BALCO chemist, both of whom more or less called Bonds a lying, cheating asshole.  Bonds's response:

"You mean that little midget man who absolutely knows jacks — about baseball, who never played the game before… You can tell Bob Costas what I called him."

I'm pretty sure Costas is a commenter here at With Leather, sooooooooo… Barry Bonds called you a midget, dude.  And it is SO on.  Costas might be small, but have you ever seen his face up-close in HD?  He has a pulsing forehead vein that is usually only depicted in images of people 200 years in the future.  Costas is going to kill Bonds… with mind-bullets.  That's telekinesis, Kyle.

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