Barry Sanders Tells Us Why He Finds It ‘Awkward’ Comparing Himself To Current Running Backs

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12.25.17 3 Comments

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There are many great running backs in the history of professional football. It is very possible that none of them have ever been as good as Barry Sanders. The former Detroit standout was simply dominant during his decade in the NFL, making defenses look foolish as he became the face of the Lions’ franchise. By the time he hung up his cleats in 1998, Sanders had accrued 15,269 yards and 99 touchdowns on the ground during his career.

Sanders has managed to stick around the game since his retirement for a myriad of reasons — he’s a Hall of Fame inductee, his name is synonymous with the Lions franchise, etc. He most recently popped up in Miami, where he attended the fantasy football world’s premier event, the DraftKings Fantasy Football World Championship.

Before things got kicked off in South Beach, Sanders sat down with Uproxx Sports to talk about the best running backs in the game now, why he’s not a fan of comparing any one player to himself, and much more.

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