Barstool Sports Branded Bars Could Be An Actual Thing In The Near Future

11.18.17 2 years ago

The rapid expansion of Barstool Sports’ brand has been one of the major stories in the sports media landscape over the past two years. The growth of their brand since being acquired by Chernin Digital in 2016, thanks to a massive push in the podcast and video realms, has led to the company looking for continued business opportunities.

The loyal following of Barstool has allowed them to expand merchandise sales, but bigger plans may be on the horizon for how to capitalize on their popularity. Despite the recent setback of having lost the Barstool Van Talk television show on ESPN2 after one episode due to backlash, those at Barstool continue to look to find bigger ways to reach their audience.

Given their name, it should come as no surprise that one of the most popular ideas in the Barstool offices is opening branded sports bars around the country. It would be far from the first time a sports media brand has looked to the sports bar as a way to create a physical manifestation of itself for fans to flock to, with ESPN and Fox Sports both having done so in the past, with both eventually failing.

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