Bart Scott Claims He Would ‘Choke The Hell Outta Odell Beckham’

10.05.16 2 years ago 3 Comments

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Former NFL player Bart Scott has plenty to say about Odell Beckham Jr., though most of it is just explaining all the different ways he would beat him up.

On Wednesday, Scott appeared on Damon Amendolara’s show in CBS Sports Radio program to say he would “choke the hell outta” the New York Giants receiver if he were still playing. Dmendolara tweeted out a link to the audio from Wednesday’s show, which was basically 90 seconds of Scott calmly explaining how he would choke, slap, and pull the hair of the New York Giants receiver.

“Whether cameras are watching or refs are watching or not — I would choke the hell out of Odell Beckham if he came here with that.”

Amendolara asked for clarification: would Bart Scott choke Odell Beckham Jr. on the field? Scott confirmed that, yes, he would.

“Listen, I’ve choked plenty of players. You laughing — I do not lie. I’ve choked plenty of players. I got Jake Long in a reverse arm bar because he had elbow surgery. Listen, you can come in here if you want to—you’re (coming) out differently than when you came in.”

Scott — who appears on the NFL Today on CBS as an analyst on Sundays — then said he’d pull Beckham Jr.’s hair.

“Get that helmet off and I’ll grab that little mullet ponytail. You ever seen somebody grab somebody, like two women fight and they grab their hair? … I’d pull his hair back and smack the hell out of him. Like, listen: you know better.”

He then described the way in which he would slap the third-year pro.

“And then it gotta be a disrespectful one. You don’t hit him with the front of the hand, you hit him with the backhand. Like, listen: you backhand a grown man, and he knows he can’t do nothing, you break his will. Like, he gotta leave. Somebody gotta die.”

Amendolara told Scott that he would probably get an unnecessary roughness penalty for choking and slapping and pulling a wide receiver’s hair while on the field. Scott, who last played in 2012, did not seem to care.

“That’s fine. Listen, you know what I’d call that: the cost of doing business. Go ahead and send that fine, it’s cool … “

Beckham, of course, has been in the news recently because of a series of on-field incidents with opponents early this NFL season. He battled with Washington’s Josh Norman in Week 3 and was called for a personal foul against the Minnesota Vikings on Monday night in a frustrating Giants loss. Afterwards, he told an ESPN reporter that he’s “not having fun anymore” on the football field.

Scott’s comments are either a response to that statement or his general demeanor on the field, in which it has appeared at times the Giants receiver is trying to draw personal foul flags from other players. Either way, I miss the days when we only cared what Lena Dunham had to say about Odell Beckham Jr. That was, like, a month ago.

We were all so young back then.

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