Bartolo Colon’s Improbable Home Run Got ‘The Natural’ Treatment It So Rightly Deserved

As proof that some sort of higher being truly does exist, Bartolo Colon hit a home run last week. It was the first career dinger for the 42-year-old Mets pitcher, who is a national treasure and will live forever.

Colon at-bats have become must-see TV over the past few years, but mostly because he has a tendency to swing so hard he comes out of his shoes, his helmet, his everything. Rarely does he ever connect on those ambitious swings.

Last Saturday, though, he finally did and the result was a monster homer off James Shields that was sent into the San Diego sky. Not only did it clear the left field fence by more than a few rows, but its greatness was also amplified when Colon carried his bat all the way to first base during his slow trot as his teammates went nuts.

The pure joy that dinger spread throughout the baseball world was palpable. Men weeped in the streets. Women were impregnated immediately. Children discovered a hero. Babies remained useless.

And, nearly a week later, we’re still basking in its glow. Through the power of great internetting, we’ve been left no other choice but to relive the experience through this incredible mashup with that iconic scene from The Natural.

It’s hard to make Big Sexy’s big fly more special than it was organically, but this video is about as close as anyone will come. Cherish it and never let it go.

Side note: Please disregard the fact that Colon was busted for PEDs in 2012. That is not important.

(Via @MarkEvansNY)