Bartolo Colón Hit A Home Run And The Internet Responded By Freaking Out

There are three things in baseball that are universally loved: Bartolo Colón, home runs, and that video of Jose Férnández being reunited with his grandmother. On Saturday night, two of those things occurred at the same time, as Bartolo By God Colón hit the first home run of his career.

It happened in the top of the second inning during the Mets’ game against the Padres. Colón got a 90 mile per hour fastball right down the middle and he straight up mauled it. Seriously, if Giancarlo Stanton hit this, we’d be raving about how it was another example of him mashing a baseball.

Instead, this ball was hit by Colón, and the Internet reacted with an enthusiasm that rarely (if ever) manifests itself. Partly because he carried the bat to first base with him and he was smiling from ear to ear.

Of course, there was the general happiness that occurs whenever Colón does anything awesome, and it was beautiful.

This was such a big occasion that the dudes at You Can’t Predict Baseball gave it the four exclamation point treatment.

Many people pointed out that Colón wasn’t exactly sprinting around the bases, as the 42-year-old really took his time.

Some even decided to use Colón’s dinger as proof of a higher power.

But the best reactions came from the Mets themselves. At first when Colón went yard, everyone ran and hid so he would come back to an empty dugout. But after the brief moment of solitude, Colón’s teammates surrounded him and celebrated.

And of course, there was Bartolo, whose heart was racing because he hit his first dinger.

For the last three years, some of the best Mets moments have involved Colón swinging for the fences and missing wildly – his OPS with the team coming into this season was .190. But finally, he has gone yard, and I can say with 100 percent certainty that this is the best moment of the 2016 Major League Baseball season so far.