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Upper Deck created both cards you see here for its Series II baseball card set.  Never mind that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton don't play baseball.  Never mind that they won't be lifting each other up when one wins the Democratic nomination.  The important thing is that Upper Deck has made an honest mistake in putting the Hillary winner into the sets.  A total accident.  Swear.

The company pulled the card showing Hillary Clinton as the winner from its collating machines during packaging, which makes the few that did make it out rarer and (more than likely) more valuable.

"We had the version of Obama lifting Clinton pulled as it became clear Barack would be the victor," said Jason Masherah, Baseball Brand manager for Upper Deck in a statement. "Pulling these cards is a process done by hand so it is very possible some of these cards may make their way into packs. Those cards are considered an error version."

"Oops, we created a limited-series non-sports-related card bound to appeal to a passionate fan base outside of the usual crowd of collectors, then we accidentally put both versions into the newest series, forcing us to pull one of them — strictly for the good image of our company, of course.  We apologize if a certain number of these error cards slipped through the cracks, thus driving up the value of our product and giving collectors a greater incentive to buy more packs of our cards.  Our bad."

Baseball card collectors are idiots. 

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