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Upper Deck, in a futile effort to make baseball cards interesting and relevant again, has produced a new line of cards SO rare, SO valuable that your mind will be unable to fathom the creativity that led to this: cards of deceased players and historical figures featuring a piece of that person's hair.  For really real.  From the Upper Deck press release via SportsStuff at the Orlando Sentinel:  

What did people collect before baseball cards? Well, some truly passionate collectors would sometimes write to their heroes asking for a lock of hair. After all, what could be more personal than that? Frequently locks of hair were garnered from famous U.S. Presidents, war heroes and other personalities throughout history and passed on through their families.

After acquiring locks of hair from a variety of famous personalities along with extremely rare cut signatures, Upper Deck is pleased to bring “Hair Cuts” cards to the market beginning with 2008 SP Legendary Cuts Baseball

“One hundred years ago, if someone famous came to town, you didn’t ask for an autograph, you asked for a snippet of their hair and this is something that is steeped in Victorian tradition,” said [archivist John] Reznikoff.

Oh yeah, Victorian tradition.  That's something we should all hold in high regard.  Especially their hygiene and medical practices.  "Hey guys, I'm not feeling well — think I'm gonna head down to the barbershop and get cut so I lose some of this bad blood." "Right on, dude. Way to keep it real Victorian-style." 

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