Baseball Comes Back To Fenway, David Ortiz Declares Boston “Our F**king City”

[mlbvideo id=”26424499″ width=”600″ height=”424″ /]

Without the stars, of course.

Today’s been an emotional one at Fenway Park. The Boston Bruins-style “everybody sings our national anthem in unison” moment has officially become a Boston staple. Pat-down lines were endless. Tears were non-stop. At the perfect moment, David Ortiz dropped the mother of all f-bombs, and baseball helped do what it always does: makes us feel better about the stupid shit in our lives that isn’t baseball. has video of the anthem but hasn’t made it embeddable, because of course they haven’t, so I recommend you jump over there and check it out. It’s something special.

Here’s David Ortiz’s moment, which we are not ever going to forget. If this video goes down, I’ll find another one.

It’s good to have you back, Boston.