Baseball Games Take Too Long And MLB Is Finally, Maybe Doing something About It

Good news, folks. Major League Baseball is forming a committee to study a problem we’ve all been griping about for years now.

Commissioner Bud Selig has appointed a committee to examine the pace of the game. The members will look for ways to decrease the time of games and improve the overall pace of play beginning next season.

“Finally,” said a person who just read the previous paragraph. “I was hoping Selig would one day appoint a committee for something like that. I wonder when they’ll have some recommendations for us.”

“With the cooperation of all appropriate parties, we can make progress on improving the pace of play, and we will have recommendations in the very near future for the 2015 season,” Selig said in a statement Monday. “I believe that this group has the experience and the perspective to be mindful of our game’s traditions while being creative about our approach in the future.”

I have a few ideas on how to shorten the games if MLB is interested.

  • Batters can no longer mess with the velcro on their batting gloves in between pitches. Doing so after a swing results in a strike against the batter. Doing so after a non-swing will result in an automatic ejection and 50 game suspension.
  • Batters can no longer step out of the box in between pitches. Doing so will result in the player’s choice of $20,000 fine or their children being expelled from their current private school (if applicable).
  • If a manager replaces a relief pitcher after only 1 hitter, everyone in the stands gets a free beer.

Seriously we need a committee for this?