Baseball is Awesome: Kevin Youkilis Gets ‘Biz Markie’ Serenade

During last night’s Red Sox/Angels game, Boston fans serenaded slugger Kevin Youkilis with a rendition of the Biz Markie classic “Just A Friend,” marking the coolest thing to happen at Fenway Park since that drunk field-runner got gored by security a few days ago. The joke here, of course, is that Youkilis’ last name begins with “you” and he has what the fans need, and also he is overweight and from the 80s. OH BABY YOUUUUUU.

No word on whether or not the third baseman made the music with his mouth.

This might be the thing baseball needs – live, fan-supplied entrance themes. I know I wouldn’t miss a chance to sing “Crazy Train” for Ryan Church, even if it meant Ryan Church was playing baseball again. Having to remember which Metallica song is for Casey Blake and which one is for Phil Hughes could lead to a sabermetric understanding of music. Just remember: Paul Konerko is a Harvester of Sorrow. Like you had to be reminded.