04.06.09 9 years ago 15 Comments

It was easy to dis on baseball all the time when I was writing exclusively for an NFL blog, but I realize that some of you might actually like baseball and would like to see it get a fair shake in coverage here. That’s fair. I guess we’ll see how that goes.

ASYLUM POLL: Baseball is back…will you be watching?

Baseball started. Philadelphia lost to Atlanta last night after Braves pitcher Derek Lowe allowed only two hits through eight innings and Brian McCann, Jeff Francoeur, and some new guy all hit homeruns that looked like they would have been outfield fly outs in 1985. Good thing we got rid of all the steroids in the game now, or else who knows how far those balls would have really gone?

And yet, for some reason, Opening Day is actually today. It’s like when I created my own alibi by leaving that message on some hooker’s voicemail as I was tossing her dead body into a shallow grave. It’s not time travel per se, but it keeps the police from asking questions.

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