A Minor League Baseball Player Hit A Grand Slam That Broke The Windshield Of His Car

Minor league baseball games are horrible places to go if you’re afraid of your car getting hit with a ball. There usually isn’t a ton of parking outside the stadium, and considering that there aren’t walls surrounding the parking lot, there’s a good chance that your car will leave the ballpark with a dent or a busted window.

And this isn’t something that only fans risk when they go to the ballpark. Baseball players who drive to games constantly run the risk of leaving the game with an extra souvenir, and unlike fans, those players can be the ones who mess up their own car. Take for example Brandon Thomas, an outfielder for the Gateway Grizzlies. Thomas hit a grand slam during the second inning of the Grizzlies’ game on Sunday, which the team won 17-6.

But little did Thomas know, his grand slam would end up costing him money. With one swing of the bat, Thomas drove in four runs and broke the windshield of his car. This sucks, obviously, but Thomas at least stayed optimistic after he saw the damage.

It’s really easy to get mad after something like this, so good for Thomas for not getting furious. The worst part, though, is he can’t do what a fan would do and hope that the player would foot the bill.

(via CNN)