A Delicious Map And Review Of The Best Foods In Major League Baseball Stadiums

(Click to enlarge, and please excuse the lack of 100 percent geographical accuracy.)

Baseball previews are a tough and thankless chore, because they really don’t mean anything. Sure, we could tell you our predictions for each division, or I could write 4,000 words about why the Cardinals having two questionable power hitters makes me so angry, but chances are we’d simply be better off telling you why your teams suck, because everyone is always so insanely pissed over predictions anyway. Also, some guy with super scientific numbers says baseball will vanish in the next two decades, because that’s totally going to happen. So why bother?

Instead, I’m previewing the 2015 Major League Baseball season by looking at each of the 30 stadiums and picking one food item that I would love to shove in my face hole. Unfortunately, because those baseball teams that are supposedly going to disappear within the next 20 years are more profitable than ever, my dream of touring each stadium to actually try these foods is next to impossible, unless someone wants to give me a canvas sack with a dollar sign on it to do so. The next best thing, then, is for all of you fans out there to tell me how great or awful these items are, and if there’s something better that people aren’t talking about. Hooray interactive ideas!

Some people call them gross, and some even call them insane, but I call these ballpark foods part of the gift that keeps on giving from America’s pastime, so let’s begin this A-Z journey around the country and try not to get diabetes just looking at these pictures.

1) Angel Stadium of Anaheim

The name: The BBQ Beef Brisket Sandwich

The skinny: I’m told the Angels have some pretty great grilled cheese sandwiches that include short ribs and thick-cut bacon, two of my favorite things in the world. But I’m a huge sucker for a big, sloppy brisket sammy. I’d also like to give the Legends Dog a whirl, but one ridiculous artery clogger at a time.