The Worst Call In Baseball History Has To Be Seen To Be Believed

Via RoutineBaseball

Think of all the bad calls you have seen in your life as you’ve watched sports. You know how sometimes, a call can be so bad that it’s actually funny and not infuriating? Well as it turns out, friends, we have an example of this, and oh my god this is the worst call that I’ve seen in any sport, I think.

It comes our way via the Mexican Baseball League in a game between Diablos Rojos del México and Algodoneros de Unión Laguna. Reinier Roibal was on the mound for Diablos Rojos del México, and he threw a strike right down the middle that led to an opposing batter whiffing. This should have led to an 0-2 count.

However, the home plate umpire felt the need to go to his first base umpire, who for some reason decided to say the batter checked his swing, pushing the count to 1-1. Reading all of this, you might think there was some debate as to how far the batter went, but my dude swung all the way around.

The only logical explanation for this is both umpires got incredibly bored at the same time and had to improvise, because I have no idea how you drop the ball so bad on this. Well, the other logical explanation is they had money on the game and this particular at bat in the top of the first was crucial to their bet, but who knows.

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