07.02.07 11 years ago 14 Comments

The AL and NL rosters for the MLB All-Star game have been finalized, and people somewhere are upset that Player X was left off the roster for Player Y (and by "Player Y" I mean "Brian Fuentes"), and those people have the irrefutable stats to prove it.

The game's in San Francisco this year, and the big story is that Barry Bonds and Ken Griffey Jr will start in the same National League outfield for the first time since (I think) 1999.  Two second-generation stars representing Good and Evil, playing on the same team in a half-hearted and pointless effort that will guarantee home field advantage in the World Series for neither player's team.  The story practically writes itself.

So go ahead and be upset that Dmitri Young is the 4th first baseman on an NL roster that has only two shortstops, but understand that (a) the fans voted for everybody they wanted to see, and (b) it's not like the voting was for something important, like the presidency or American Idol.  Man, it seems like just yesterday that America was divided along racial lines between Ruben and Clay.  Some wounds never heal.

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