04.03.07 11 years ago 2 Comments

Too much went on yesterday in the world of sports.  Right now there are about 13 stories that deserve to lead off my late start to the day.  But damned if this hangover isn't wrecking my concentration, so I'm just going to make this my one homer-ish post of the season and move on to other things.  Like Gatorade and aspirin.

In case you missed it, Felix Hernandez, the Mariners' gifted young pitcher who failed to live up to expectations last year on account of fatness and bad pitch selection (thanks Mike Hargrove!), threw eight shutout innings of three-hit ball and struck out 12 as the Emerald City's woebegone baseball franchise beat the A's 4-0 — after dropping 17 of 19 to them last season.  It's nice to feel optimism for a day before the rest of the crappy rotation makes me want to suck-start a Beretta 9mm.

So, welcome back, baseball.  I guess I'll be writing about this sort of thing (baseball, not the M's) every day for the next five months or so.  Makes it sound a lot less exciting that way. 

SITE NEWSALICIOUS: The final Dispatch(es) from Atlanta will be posted tomorrow.  Today's a travel day for me, so I won't get the time to dedicate to long-ish posts until tonight.  But, with any luck, there will actually be pictures, and maybe even video.  Oh yeah: Florida won.  Just like I said they would.  Because I know everything about college basketball.

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