Rutgers Coach Could Be History

04.08.10 8 years ago 3 Comments

Imagine you aren’t so great at your job. Okay, but not great. You do your responsibilities but you aren’t necessarily winning any awards with your skills. Now, imagine there are rumbles about you getting canned. Wouldn’t you shape up and try to make sure not to ruffle any feathers? Nah, you’d show up wasted to work the next day and slap the receptionist on the ass.

That is, if you Fred Hill. The Rutgers basketball coach is in some trouble and might get fired from his post because of his behavior at a baseball game last week against Pittsburgh. Hill’s dad, Fred Hill, Sr. is the coach for Rutgers baseball, and the younger Hill was at the game when Pittsburgh head coach Joe Jordano disagreed with a call.

Hill Jr. decided it was his place to step in, and went crazy, tossing profanities at Jordano even though, you know, it isn’t even his sport.

So, bad coach + short fuse + won’t listen to instructions = time to go, right?

Well, there is also this.

However, multiple reports Tuesday, including one in the Star Ledger, say that leading scorer Mike Rosario is looking to transfer and to incoming recruit Gil Biruta of St. Benedict’s Prep asked to be released from his letter of intent. Those two potential defections, combined with the questionable behavior, could spell the end for Hill. —

Rutgers’ athletic director Tim Pernetti, who supposedly told Hill not to attend any more baseball games before of his previous behavior, is currently waiting to see if the school can fire Hill without having to pay his $1.8 million buyout. It seems that the quicker they can get out of this deal, the better.

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