Stay Woke, The BBC Dad Video Is A Metaphor For The NCAA Not Paying Players

I wanted to laugh at that video. I tried. But I could not. It was too hard. Sure, you laughed and shared the video of a father trying to do a live TV interview with the BBC from his den while his children invaded the room and his wife stormed in and dragged the children away. Not I. I couldn’t. Because I saw the video for what it truly represented.

The NCAA refusing to pay its student-athletes.

What else could this video be about? Wake up, sheeple. The dad represents the NCAA, the all-powerful man speaking to the world in a fancy suit, with his back turned to the children, who embody student-athletes that are ignored and shooed away when they demand the attention (money) they so rightfully deserve. Just because you pretend those children aren’t there doesn’t mean they don’t exist, NCAA dad.

Sure, NCAA dad has all the answers. I don’t have to pay these kids. They get something better than money. They get to live in NCAA dad’s house for free. I provide these kids with housing, food and books ALL AT NO COST. If I had to start paying these children an allowance, it would disrupt the entire ecosystem we have so carefully cultivated over the years. Soon these kids will want compensation for using their images on holiday cards that are circulated to many people all around the country.

NCAA dad won’t have it.

And then there’s the mom, who may as well be the government that has been working with NCAA dad from the outset. Sure, mom is supposed to take care of the children but we all know she’s been working with NCAA dad to make sure the kids stay in their proper place and don’t ask for more than they are given. So when the children began their protest, the government rounded them up quickly and dragged them away, silencing their voices.

I wanted to enjoy the video. I could not. It must be great for those of you living in your bubbles, free from the NCAA dad and corrupt mother. If only we could all be so lucky.

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